"The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a human"


G'day folks!

As most of you are aware, we are keeping our physical distancing here at the farm. 

For us here, we do have to continue to feed and care for the horses even when we aren't carrying out regular business.  We have stocked up on all essentials including feed, bedding, medications, hand sanitizer, gloves etc. 

Although as most might understand, horses are a huge cost to care for.  We will only do what is exceptionally best for our furry friends as you all have witnessed and we will continue to do so. 

Thank you!


A note to all of you from us!

We will be following all mandated rules to ensure safety for all of us, you and the community as a whole.

Our activities are carried out safely outside or in the open air barn area.  Please feel free to wear a mask if you choose while on site.

Please keep in touch, we do contact online and share videos of the horses on a regular basis if you would like to tune in to facebook and check it out we are posting on Iron Spirit Farm page.  

Please stay safe and take care.